Gardening with Coffee Grounds:

We all know the value of coffee as a drink, but I’ve recently discovered a hidden gem of truth. Coffee is amazing in the garden!
#1 Pure coffee grounds provide excellent nitrogen nutrition for such plants including: leafy greens, tomatoes, or squash.
#2 Use it as a mulch! But make sure you don’t pile it on too thick! For those plants who need a lime in the soil, add crushed eggshells to the mix. You can apply these every month, spreading it on top of the soil. Just before a rain storm is best, or if you live in an arid climate like I do, just water well after applying.
For those worried about the acidity:
The blog states: “The common assumption is that coffee grounds are acidic, but tests on the pH of grounds have shown results from mildly acid to mildly alkaline, and research indicates that the pH of the grounds tends towards neutral as it decomposes.” It is a great blog by the way.

#3 It is a natural slug deterrent option. Simply encircle your seedlings with coffee grounds and keep them topped off. It may not be a perfect fix, but it is known to help.

#4 It is a total eco-friendly way to use something that otherwise would in up in a landfill.

#5 Using coffee grounds as either mulch or fertilizer can have a lasting effect on your rosebushes too. According to some gardeners suggest that it boosts your plants natural defense mechanisms, making it easier for them to ward off pests and disease.

roses and coffee grounds
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